My name is Beth McCloskey and I’m elated you’re here because Real estate is a people business, and I’m a people person. I understand that within this chaotic world, it can be very stressful putting your home up for sale or even finding a home to purchase, all while running a household and working a full-time job.

Well, not anymore. I have created dead-simple educational tools that will allow you to take back more of your time. Whether it’s getting more interested buyer views or better inventory to search, I will effortlessly lead you to your dream home and help you get your home sold – with much less stress and drama.

Keep reading to find out how I got here, where I’m going, and where I can take YOU!

I grew up in a very blue-collar household; my dad worked at a gasoline refinery as a safety engineer and my mom ran a home daycare. The number-one lesson my parents taught me was to find a way, any way, to care for others as much as you care for yourself. Because when you care more for others, you’re free of self and have true joy – and no one can take that away from you. That was stamped into my brain from the time I was a little girl.

As was the fact that my parents loved their jobs. I mean, crazy loved them. They told me that if I found work I loved, everything else in my life would fall into place.

Today, I can honestly say that I did both: obtain a career that allows me to truly help those in one of the most stressful times in their lives AND created a job that gets me excited about waking up in the morning. (It helps that going to the office means having an option of walking down the hall to my home office or going into my main office up the street!)

OK, so I had that one brief foray into being a forensic federal agent who would catch all the bad guys and make them into good people… (too much “Dexter” and “Criminal Minds” I suppose:).

After 7 years in University, my first job was a nanny position in Huntington Beach, California… Let me explain, I met a man that lived in a different country and I was not allowed to “work” until I obtained my Fiancé Visa. My degree in Psychology and multiple certifications in Addictions Counseling were unrecognized by the United States and my promised 6-figure job in Canada suddenly faded away as I approached California. So, I had some life evaluating to do because my college loans would not wait. I had to get a job ASAP with or without my Visa… so yes, I was surrounded by children again. Yup, thanks mom…

I don’t know what it is about love, but I did end up in sunny California, got my Real Estate license and eventually got my Green Card. No, I’m not a Forensic Agent or Psychologist, but the education was far from wasted… not saying Real Estate transactions make people crazy…. maybe?

After being talked into selling Real Estate by my husband (a Financial Advisor), I moved from working at Harcourts Prime Properties to working for First Team Real Estate. I was recruited to one of the top teams in Orange County, first as an agent in training and later managing large-scale transactions and marketing campaigns. It was a total culture shock at first, but the time I spent working with this team was the most important learning curve in my life!

Sure, there were some wild and surreal moments, like being in a multi-million-dollar home proposing for a listing, but I was still working for someone else, and I couldn’t help thinking of what my parents always said. I was getting away from my core of caring for people and started to become a transactional agent with no time to truly connect with my clients – which is everything to me. My ideas were sometimes overshadowed – inevitable on a big team.

• Hard work, but you have to be able to throw it all away for love and family
• No drama
• Acceptance – no judgment lives here
• Wearing my heart on my sleeve
• Embracing what’s next
• But mostly, that Real Estate should be something you enjoy, not dread

One day, the team called a meeting with some of the best minds in Real Estate. As I sat in the meeting, a realization washed over me: Being true to myself was growing MY business. Everything I had only dreamed of beforehand was suddenly possible. I just had to get there. I learned when moving to the United States one of the most important tactics I’ve ever learned: it’s called “Burn the Boats.” When you want to make something big happen, you have to commit – burn the boats and storm the island. Burn any vessel that could take you backwards or make you change your mind. And so I did! I burned my boats and left the big team to start my own business. It was scary, exhilarating, stressful and wonderful all at the same time: everything starting a business should be. However, I quickly realized that I couldn’t provide one-on-one services without limiting the number of people I touched, which is why I am getting used to a camera and blogging. I began my Real Estate journey by spending many long hours online. I started a blog as well – and recorded my first cringe-worthy videos. But even those early videos were game-changers. Being able to connect on such an intimate level? There was nothing quite like it. It made me love what I did even more, and get the most loyal followers around. (Thanks, guys!) And it has a happy ending. (Hint: you’re in it.) 8 months out and I was approached by a seasoned agent to take over their practice, and have capitalized on the opportunity.

Today, everything I do – from my Real Estate Hacks training program to my up-and-coming webinars – is about helping individuals and families like YOU get results, not brain-freeze from the complexities. I believe that technology is crucial to the Real Estate business today – but I don’t believe it needs to be stressful or take up hours of your life. Seriously. In fact, why don’t you tell me how you feel today with buying or selling your home and ask me a question. I will respond to it through my Vlog and if personal, with a personal email.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by. YOU are my business. And my business is to help YOUR family thrive. Here’s to de-stressing your Real Estate transactions… for good!



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